Become a Member of KERN

Gaining membership to the Kansas Education and Research Network (KERN) allows practices and individual practitioners to connect with each other to conduct research and develop treatment methods for optimal patient health. Once your account is approved for membership, your KERN profile will be activated and you can soon participate in collaborative research through our discussion forum.

To join, simply click the link below and submit your application.

Benefits of Joining

Join a community of engaged primary care practitioners for dialogue and support, regardless of the physical distance.

Work to solve emerging health care challenges for the communities in which you live and serve with like-minded professionals.

Access professional development resources, research professionals, and support (with research design, and statistical analysis) through KHSC faculty.

Provide direct input to health care leaders and stakeholders to help shape the course of research on primary care in Kansas.

Help drive medical innovation and positive changes with peer providers.

Receive reports on research outcomes for activities conducted within the network.