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The Kansas Education and Research Network

The Kansas Education and Research Network (KERN) is a group of practices and individuals that join together to utilize clinical and social sciences to improve health care outcomes for the communities they serve. Through the network’s discussion forum, practitioners have the ability to converse about challenges in their field, submit research documentation for review, and engage in clinical analysis that improves the continuum of care for all.

Collaboration at KERN allows clinicians to share insights about the unique aspects of their practice, including successful or unsuccessful treatment methods and innovations in delivery of care. As primary care practices interact with one another, they bridge the gap between research and practice while discovering a range of professional development and continuing educational opportunities.

As a research body within Kansas Health Science University (KHSU), KERN is dedicated to advancing population health and well-being by combining the experience and expertise of physicians, researchers, patients, and public health stakeholders. KERN will provide a platform for health care professionals to collaborate in a protected environment, where all members can gain the benefits of each research project to utilize in their respective practices.

The work of the network includes topics as wide-ranging as successful immunization strategies to systemic disparities in the delivery of care. Projects will also range from building community engagement to attending to the needs of clinicians and caregivers.

Advancing Community Impact

KERN is dedicated to improving patient health outcomes nationwide—beginning with underserved local communities in Kansas. By creating a platform for current and future practitioners to conduct collaborative research, our network effectively prepares clinicians to optimize patient care in their respective communities. When members of KERN discuss topics including emerging technologies, treatment methods, and challenges of the field, they are enabled to translate research findings into practice.


92 counties in Kansas are considered underserved due to lack of physicians.


The U.S. has more than 140 active Practice Based Research Networks.


Kansas ranks 40th in the U.S in active physicians per capita.

Kansas Health Science University

The Kansas Education and Research Network is a research body within Kansas Health Science Center (KHSC)—a nonprofit organization committed to training well-prepared physicians and health care leaders who will positively contribute to the overall well-being of our communities. KERN supports KHSC’s mission of finding collective solutions to advance underserved communities and the shared goal of improved patient outcomes. To learn more about KHSC, visit its website.

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